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Christine professionally trained dressage horses for 23 years and is a United States Dressage Federation bronze, silver and gold medalist. Christine has also competed at many national and international competitions. In 2014 Christine retired from competitive showing to pursue a clinical degree in counseling. Christine continues to train her own horse and a handful of client's horses. In her spare time she is involved in dog rescue with Rhodies Rescue, is an avid hiker, and loves to travel. Christine is passionate about animals, especially horses and started this rescue to help horses that have been victims of abuse, neglect, or abandoned.  

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Lisa is knowledgeable and experienced in the horse world, having over 30 years experience. Lisa has trained horses of all types for riding and showing, and especially loves hot, difficult, and sensitive horses. in 2019 Lisa purchased property in East Contra Costa County, where she keeps her own horses, several training horses and rescue horses. Lisa is extremely compassionate and caring, and believes all horses should have a safe, loving home. She believes in each horse having excellent vet care, nutrition, and farrier care. Lisa has been involved in horses rescue for 15 years.

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We're dedicated to providing horses with a safe environment while they heal physically, mentally and emotionally from situations of neglect, abandonment, and abuse. 


Meet Rhodie.

Abandoned and left to survive on his own in the farm fields of Knightsen. Rhodie was shivering in the dark night and pouring down rain when we came across him. Untrusting and scared as he was, we were able to overcome his defensive growling with our turkey and bacon dinner leftovers and loaded him up in our truck.

Rhodie’s Rescue is a 501c3 non-profit organization based out of East Contra Costa County. Our main focus is on rescuing, rehabilitating, and ensuring permanent placement of dogs from the high kill shelters in Contra Costa County, and in the lesser served areas of San Juaquin and Stanislaus counties. When possible, we provide community support with neglected and/or abandoned dogs.

Rhodie’s has no paid employees and is completely staffed by volunteers who love dogs, each with varying levels of experience in dog rescue, but all whom are committed and dedicated to their welfare. 

Rhodie’s is a foster based rescue which means we do not have a shelter to house our dogs. All of our rescued dogs live in foster homes where they are lovingly cared for and nurtured by their foster families until they are adopted into their forever homes.

Rhodie’s is solely funded by donations from the public. We receive no government subsidies or assistance. All donations made to Rhodie’s Rescue are tax deductible.

"A huge thank you for supporting the charities that mean the world to me."

Christine Rivlin

Christine Rivlin, Walnut Creek REALTOR®