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Let's Talk About Pre-Listing Inspections

In the Bay Area, the spring home-selling season is almost here. As I’m working with my Sellers to prepare their homes for the market, we discuss the concept of a pre-listing inspection as a marketing tool for their homes.

Although I don’t recommend a pre-listing inspection in every situation, a pre-listing inspection may be a great asset to Sellers in the listing process.


1. It shows your home is ‘an open book’

A pre-inspection is a gesture of goodwill, sets you apart from other sellers and can give potential buyers peace of mind and confidence.

2. It can save you money

A pre-inspection gives the Seller the opportunity to address potential issues before listing the house which can result in a quicker, less stressful escrow process. If the Seller chooses not to fix all of the problems, a pre-inspection lets buyers know what they're getting from the beginning and they can factor any needed repairs into an offer which can result in a smoother transaction.

3. It can highlight your home’s assets

A pre-inspection can shine a spotlight on your home’s selling points, such as any plumbing upgrades you might have had made.

When not to have a pre-inspection

If you’re trying to sell a fixer-upper, there’s no point in paying for a pre-inspection. But if you've maintained your home and want to sell it as quickly, and as profitably, as possible, a pre-inspection is almost always a good idea.


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