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Spring Has Sprung! Spring Cleaning Tips from My Home to Yours.

The hills are turning green, the finches are twittering around the birdfeeders and the days are lengthening. Although the signs of spring are all around us, many of our homes are still singing the winter blues.

Is it time to consider some Spring Cleaning?

Spring Cleaning is a tradition that ushers out the chill of winter and welcomes the hope of spring with its outdoor activities, barbecues and al fresco dining in our own backyards.

Don’t let the concept of Spring Cleaning be daunting.

Bye Bye Clutter!

Ridding our homes of clutter is a key aspect of spring cleaning.

First things first: Grab a garbage bag and wander through a designated section of your home. Get rid of papers and unnecessary clutter. Pause at the junk drawers and refrigerator and quickly purge them of old, unneeded items. Reducing clutter is key to a more balanced, stress-free life!

Donate: Many items in our home may be useful … to someone else! Keep a box near the front door to place items for donation. When the box gets full, drop it at a donation center.

Pro Tip for Your Closet: If you haven’t worn an item in a year, it’s time to donate!

Don’t do it alone!

Spring cleaning is an endeavor that the whole household can approach together. Children, roommates, spouses and extended family should all play a role in spring cleaning. Assign appropriate chores to each member of the household and when possible, make it fun! Energizing music and ice cream sundaes make the process less of a chore and provide incentive for teamwork.

Get the Seasonal Chores Finished

As you prepare for warmer weather, consider the way you live. Does your patio need a power wash to prepare for summer parties? Does the deck need fresh flowers planted in the pots? Is the lawn in need of fertilizer?

Don’t forget to clean the grill and the inside and outsides of windows as soon as the weather warms up. Store winter clothing, bedding, decor, and other items and put out your spring items to welcome the season.

Choose your Favorite Cleaning Products

Too many cleaning supplies can create more clutter in your cabinets. My go-tos for spring cleaning include a good all-purpose cleaner, microfiber cloths and some Mr. Clean miracle erasers! Purchase other specialty cleaning supplies only as needed. Place the supplies in an easy-carry basket or bucket to simplify cleaning from room to room.

Make it a Habit

It can be daunting to try to get all of your spring cleaning done in one day. Instead, tackle items on your spring cleaning list in reasonable increments of time. Can you spare 30 minutes daily? Or even 15 minutes? After a week or two, your spring cleaning will be finished and perhaps you will have developed a new cleaning habit that will make your cleaning efforts much easier on a daily basis!

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