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The Path to Home Ownership Isn't Always a Straight Line!

I love to help buyers as they embark on the path to home ownership. Many homebuyers, especially first-time homebuyers can feel a little intimated by the process. This step by step graphic helps outline the home buying process.

Truthfully, the process can be a little overwhelming for clients, and I find it's easier to think about buying a home in phases. Phase 1 spans the process of initial consultation, loan pre-approval, home search and an accepted offer. Many buyers mistakenly believe that the process "ends" here, when in reality, the home buying purchase remains very active with pitfalls for an uninformed buyer.

An experienced agent is vital as the buying process enters Phases 2 and 3, including inspections and potential negotiations.

I'd love to help you cross the finish line. Call me today and let's get started. 925-250-9236


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