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Christine Rivlin, REALTOR RE/MAX Accord
3390 Mt Diablo Blvd, Lafayette, CA 94549
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Lending Experience and Knowledge to Help My Clients Achieve Their Real Estate Dreams

When I was seven years old, I lived in Northridge, across the street from a girl who owned a pony. And, as any seven-year-old girl would probably tell you, all I wanted to do was ride that pony. I would ask the neighbor girl every time I saw her, and one day, she finally agreed on one condition: that I first jump out of her second story window and into the big pile of sand below- ten times. It was a daunting task, but I was committed to my dream.

Unfortunately (or perhaps not, depending on your perspective), my mother returned home after I'd made a few jumps and discovered what I was doing. I never did get to ride that pony.

But my commitment to the idea remained, and my parents bought me a horse of my own when we moved to Woodside a few years later. I got bucked off on a daily basis, at one point being tossed into a water trough, but I kept getting back on. Looking back, I'm not even sure what made me stick with it-I just loved that horse.

For years, I devoted my time to riding and showing horses. I became good enough at it that I was approached by people who wanted me to teach them or train their horses. I started to find opportunities to travel to other facilities and build up my clientele, and I ended up starting my own business, which I built and cultivated for over twenty years. My simple dream as a young girl brought me to a successful career with dressage show horses-at one time, I had 35 horses and their clients in my care for training and teaching. And for five years, even I served as an instructor for the United States Dressage Federation, traveling around the country and training other instructors.

In all aspects of my life, I strive for excellence, and I'm always looking for ways to grow. In addition to my business management degree, I'm currently finishing a second undergraduate program in sports psychology, and have plans to pursue an advanced degree in organizational psych, in the hopes of being able to assist equine sports athletes. I still own a horse and compete lightly, and I continue to teach a few select students.

My other great passion is shooting sports. I've been seriously competing in both action pistol and multi-gun events for several years, and am a nationally recognized range officer and an NRA certified pistol instructor. As with everything else I do, I am committed to being the very best that I can be.

I encountered my fair share of challenges in my equestrian career, but I've always gone above and beyond for those with whom I work. The same is true for my real estate business. I began a career in this industry with a strong passion for my clients. I know that whatever it is that they need, they need it yesterday. You don't want something tomorrow, you want it now. I like to say that I operate at a hundred miles an hour, and that's how I work best. I place an emphasis on communication, and I show the same high level of respect to ever client, no matter what your needs are.

I'm very thankful for the opportunities and experiences I've had in life, and I'm always trying to give back to those around me as much as I can. I believe that what goes around comes around, and I make an effort to help my community. I spend a lot of my time pursuing volunteer activity, including working with Pets for Vets, an organization that matches rescue dogs with veterans suffering from PTSD, and Contra Costa Crisis Center, a suicide and crisis prevention hotline.

I would love nothing more than to lend my knowledge and experience toward helping you with your real estate endeavors.

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