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Meredith and Yoel

Let's be real : Yoel and I are *not easy* real estate clients. Our taste in properties lies somewhere between "difficult" and "impossible to lend on" and our bank accounts are not stuffed with the wads of cash that the media portrays Bay Area buyers as having.

The first time Yoel and I met Christine, the house was *ahem* ..."special" in that silding-down-the-hill-on-to-the-main-street-next-rainstorm and see-daylight-through-the-roof sort of way.

We secretely thought the seller was delusional about the pricing but had encountered other realtors who would expect their buyers to still pay over asking - even for a major fixer. #bayarea

Christine took a quick spin around the house, then turned to us, bluntly saying she couldn't in good conscience let us pay more than /x/ for the house. Yoel and I let out a collective sigh of relief - her ceiling was lower than ours. 👌

Since then, we've been seriously impressed by how fast she can get a deal to move forward (or end). When we lost a property that we really thought would work out, Christine came up crazy fast with a couple off-market properties for us to pursue. 😳

Christine Rivlin, Walnut Creek REALTOR®

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